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Agadexo Shoulder is designed to relieve the burden on the shoulders during manual material handling tasks, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and occupational injuries. It is tailored for lifting, carrying, and lowering tasks within the upper body range, from hip to head level, commonly encountered in industrial plants.

Manufacturing and Automotive

The production process in the heavy industry and automotive fields involves repetitive and fatiguing manual handling tasks of semi-finished products, resulting in high physical stress and an increased risk of muscular disorders.


End-of-line palletizing and the handling of bulky and heavy loads require strenuous lifting, which has a significant impact on muscle wear.


The need to replenish shelves and manage inventory often involves lifting and moving loads from the warehouse to the store.

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Innovation in workplace safety

These illustrations show some target applications of our exoskeleton Agadexo Shoulder within specific use-case scenarios collected so far, highlighting the user’s most fatiguing movements assisted by our device.