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Agade, acronym for Anti-Gravity Active Device for Exoskeletons, is our robotic technology patented in 2019.

Born from a research project of Politecnico di Milano University on the development of exoskeletons to assist people affected by muscular dystrophy in daily life activities.

Lorenzo Aquilante

Co-founder & CEO

Sofia Paganelli

Co-founder & Lead Firmware Eng.

Daniele Ramirez

Co-founder & COO

Mattia Tabaglio

Co-founder & CTO

Innovation and improvement

We believe in empowering people through technology. Our mission is to transform the way of working, with a focus on people’s well-being and health through innovative and intelligent human-tailored robotics.

Our story

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We believe that our success is driven by the extraordinary people who work with us. We are always looking for new talent and if you want to be part of our team, send us your application.